Sewing eyelets

So I am now my units uniform quartermaster and I have to repair several of them. Since we are a revolutionary war fife and drum corps it’s not like I can go out an buy what we need, I will be making or repairing what I can. I have several waistcoats to fix, they are split up the back and I plan on putting eyelets in so we can fit them to a variety of body types. At least I can sit in Starbucks drink a Frappachino and work in them.

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A new car

Well I used to have a 2008 Ford Edge, but no longer, I now have a 2009 Ford Flex.

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Hello world!

Hardest thing in the world is to start something new, that is what I am doing today…

I am a 18th century re-enactor, I love to sew and create period clothing. My wife’s 13yr old niece wants to do more with me, so I am going to make her some clothing to wear, I want to document that process and present it here for others to see, learn and hopefully help when I get stuck.


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